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I received an IRS notice — what do I need to do?

Getting a letter/notice from the IRS can be nerve-wracking. Many people ignore notices for this reason. If you receive a letter/notice, do not ignore it. Just send a complete copy to our tax professionals so we can review and advise on your behalf.
This really can depend on your ability to pay. We recommend calling us for further consultation. If you cannot pay the IRS in full, we can help you make arrangements to go on an installment agreement if necessary.
In cases like this, or if you do not have a copy of your last return or needed documentation, giving us power of attorney allows us to engage with the IRS on your behalf, including requesting transcripts of your information, so that you can file your returns. It is required to file tax returns if you receive income.
This is a very important question! We advise our clients to consult with us BEFORE they set-up a new business on their own, as we can advise on the BEST WAY to structure, and set it up. Consulting with our tax professionals first can make a huge difference.