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People often only seek tax preparation services during “tax season,” from January to April, or when they’re buying, selling, or managing their assets. At Tax and Financial Strategists, we offer tax advice, tax planning, and tax prep strategies throughout the year to ensure your financial success. 

Taking control of your financial life can be tricky, especially when you try to navigate it independently. Individual tax needs can range from simple annual tax preparation services to complex tax planning and strategies. Your needs depend on things like marital status, parenthood and dependents, properties and assets, charitable giving, student loan interest, investments, 401K, health insurance… you get the idea. If you own rental properties, are self-employed (Schedule-C), have an extensive investment portfolio, or began estate planning, your taxes can get quite complicated.

We take a personalized approach to tax preparation services.  Our role is to guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions and develop strategies that minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow, and keep you on track with your financial goals.

Other Individuals, Trusts, Estates Services

At Tax & Financial Strategists, we offer a full suite of individual, trust, and estate tax preparation services and tax planning to achieve their financial goals. Learn more about each of our tax services by following the links below.

“Tom Wanderon has been my accountant for more than forty years. During that time he has counseled me on everything from personal and company tax returns to mergers and acquisitions. Whatever success I have had in business, Tom has played an important role as my financial advisor.”

Clark Jensen, Owner – Hickory Holdings

“Tax and Financial Strategists, LLC has been instrumental in helping us establish our business. All of our matters and concerns are met with the highest degree of professionalism and always in a timely manner. Our tax strategist, Lyn Schantz, collaborates with us to fully understand the unique aspects of our business and our income tax needs. Lyn helps to significantly reduce the tremendous burden tax preparation can be and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her expertise and guidance!”

Carrie Doxsee, Owner – Doxsee Seafood Inc.

“I have been using Tax & Financial Strategists for over 25 years. I am always impressed with their kindness and professionalism. The entire office is very helpful from the minute they answer the phone. Lisa is the best! She is always there for me and able to answer my questions.”

Marcia Smith

“I have been using Tax & Financial Strategists for all of my accounting needs personally & professionally for the past 12+ years and Lyn and her staff are remarkable. They provide great service and their efforts are unmatched. I highly recommend them.”

Mario Doria, Owner – Vanderbilt Insurance

“Lisa Zahorian and her team have guided me through everything in terms of tax preparation and planning for the past 5 years. They take care of all of my bookkeeping so there are no surprises come tax time. Thank you!”

Kimberly Collins, Owner – Blue Tomato LLC

“Tax & Financial Strategists have been taking care of my personal and business taxes for 10 years. They also handle all of my bookkeeping. They are the BEST! I highly recommend them.”

Scott Janson, Owner – Scotty's Automotive Inc.